The White Brothers

For those of you who don’t know or haven’t looked it up on google, leukophobia is the fear of the color white. I don’t believe it has any racial connotations – its merely a fear of a color, not a race. However, the extremely astute will also have noticed it happens to be our last name. This blog will probably instill in you a definite Fear of White – or for those who happen to roll the way we do, it will just make you happy.

While it is mainly a place for the brothers to keep in touch/be awesome, we invite you to comment, make suggestions, and share your experiences with the topics addressed in the posts. We hope you will read and enjoy the posts here enough to come back and maybe even subscribe.


2 comments on “The White Brothers”

  1. I just read Jonathan’s ballad and was extremely impressed. It was very deep and my response is someone should set it to music! consider a refrain that could be repeated throughout, and look out my favorite (don’t tell the others) nephew, you will become wildly famous among Christian singers. Better: you four boys could record it.

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